Sunday, August 14, 2016

Powers Activate indeed!

Stumbled onto SIRPAUL's Spotify page today only to find out that the song we wrote "Going Down in La-La Land" is his biggest and most popular song on there! It's holding both the number one and number three spot! How about that! ‪#‎PowersActivate‬ indeed! 

Candy Apple Blue penned Going Down in La-La Land holds both the number one and number three spot! 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Ariella da Vil's Debut Single has Arrived!

Our brand new single with the lovely and alluring Ariella da Vil debuts today! It's out now on YouTube and Soundcloud. Give it a listen and if you like it give it a thumbs up or maybe even a share! We'd appreciate it! ‪#‎CandyAppleBlue ‬‪#‎AriellaDaVil‬

Candy Apple Blue - Can't Stop Thinking of You (feat. Ariella da Vil)

Come grab a FREE HQ MP3 of the song in exchange for a share on your Soundcloud wall!