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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Prone To Panic! Promotional Photographs and Outtakes

©2011 MRIX MUZIK Records. All rights reserved. 
Various outtakes and promotional photographs for the Prone to Panic! 
album cover from Candy Apple Blue.

Hoyt & Carly ©2011 Candy Apple Blue

Hoyt & Carly ©2011 Candy Apple Blue

Carly ©2011 Candy Apple Blue

Carly ©2011 Candy Apple Blue

Hoyt & Carly ©2011 Candy Apple Blue

Hoyt & Carly ©2011 Candy Apple Blue

Unicorn Friction

Unicorn Friction

We wanted to make a very special announcement. Hoyt & I have officially joined forces with our friend Georgios Garganopoulos (of Timeface Project) to form a new band, Unicorn Friction.

But make no mistake about it Candy Apple Blue is still very much intact. Unicorn Friction is just as important to us however and we are really pouring our musical hearts into it.

Together all three of us bring something very special and unique to the pop sound of Unicorn Friction. The special collection of songs we have composed so far will ultimately be the sum of our upcoming debut album, "Existential Crisis".

Unicorn Friction - A Lonely Love

Unicorn Friction - A Lonely Love by Unicorn Friction

We'd be delighted if you joined us on our pop musical journey! Stop by when you have the time. For now get an exclusive listen to the demo version of  "A Lonely Love".

Official Website:


Friday, January 20, 2012

Bop 2 Pop "Mistaken" Review

"Finally, we have SIRPAUL, one half of Simulover, whose sexy track Tourniquet made our list of top singles of the 2011. He enlists the assistance of the always amazing Candy Apple Blue for a new track, Mistaken. We are particularly taken by the Candy Apple Blue 86 Mix." ~ Bop2Pop

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

SIRPAUL "Mistaken" (feat. Candy Apple Blue)

A year after we finished the remix for SIRPAUL's Mistaken it was finally released. HURRAY! The day it debuted on Soundcloud it was greatly received with so much excitement. 

We are really proud that people embraced the song they way that they did. It made a very notable impression and was featured on Bop2Pop,  Dave Greening's Mid Week Ten and The House Of Sobel to name a few. 

Our supporters really cherished the remix and for a hot minute there it really looked like it was about to take off. It was track three off of the Remix EP. However with little promotion and no music video the Mistaken "White Label EP"  found it hard to lift itself off the ground.  

We are very proud to have united on an official single with SIRPAUL! Now how cool is that! Be sure to check out our very special remix below.

July 21, 2012 Update: Mistaken (Candy Apple Blue 86 Mix) was recently
featured on the popular music blog Soundtrack To My Day!

Now on Spotify:

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello, How Are You?

Happy New Year and know that we are all connected.
Welcoming in 2012 with open arms! ~ Candy Apple Blue

"Writing this song with Junefall was as about natural as a tulip blooming in the spring. It's a song about second chances and starting over. I hope its positive vibes are a good omen for everyone in 2012. We wanted to compose something about mother earth without being judgmental or preachy. Is this song about tree hugging? You bet!" ~ Carly Emerick

Artist: Junefall
Title: Hello, How Are You? (feat. Candy Apple Blue)
Album: Jewel Of The Now
Label: MRIX MUZIK Records

Written, Arranged, Produced & Performed by Junefall & 
Candy Apple Blue.

"Hello, How Are You?"
All Rights Reserved. Words & Music by Leonardo Lombardi, Carly Emerick & Hoyt Emerick

Verse 1:
How many lives have you touched for the better ask yourself?
Did you make that person hurt or make them happy?
Do you stand up for what's right or just go with the crowd?
Will you make a difference in life or die unnoticed?

Lead In:
I take a breath before I pray at night (pray at night)
I lay in the dark and wait for an answer
I see your footprints by the ocean side (ocean side)
And the waves pull into the happy ever after

Hello, how are you? Do you think like I do?
Hello, how are you? Can we be friends?
Hello, how are you? Can we start a new?
Can we live in harmony before this whole world ends?

Verse 2:
If I promise to be kind and help you when I can
Will you treat each living thing like your equal man?
I will be there when you're old and cannot help yourself
But you must believe in me, I believe in you

Lead In 2:
I'm not asking you to change the world (change the world)
But you've got to start trying
There's a chance this wound can still be healed (still be healed)
There is only time between the living and the dying

(Repeat Chorus)

I watch the people come and go
I wonder if I'll come to know?

(Repeat Chorus)

Hello, How Are You?
Hello, How Are You?
Hello, How Are You?