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Music Videos

Music Videos


Here are a few of our personal favorite music videos.

The complete Candy Apple Blue music video collection
 can be found here on this YouTube playlist.

"They haven't noticed what I can't disguise
The way that I tremble, the spark in my eyes
Whenever you're near me, I come alive"

"They say people change, just go their separate ways
but I don't believe they really do"

"I've got a teenage crush and your lips are tight
All I wanna do is dance tonight"

"Black and white I dream in film noir
Marlene Dietrich is my co-star"

"You feel like you'll never break free and you're a prisoner of me
I keep you away from the life that you want"

"It was Alice's last Halloween, I saw the knife and I heard her scream
The neighborhood was an angry mob, A museum of the macabre"

"Well I've read this book before and quite frankly it's a bore
Why should I wait around and be blue?"

"Rollin' out to after hours, drinking doubles with my best friend
The music's hoppin', no we ain't stoppin'!" 

You could have left me a note or some Morrissey quote like...
"You Just Haven't Earned It Yet Baby!"

"The only three words that you never said were the ones I ached to hear
But now I could care less about you dear."