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Monday, March 14, 2022

No Signs of Slowing Down!

Carly Emerick and Hoyt Emerick of Candy Apple Blue

Carly & Hoyt Emerick of Candy Apple Blue

"Candy Apple Blue is still hanging in there! After a decade of producing DIY indie synth-pop, the band shows no signs of slowing down!" ~ Alexander Storm MGMT.

Candy Apple Blue - Official Website Ⓒ2022

Carly Emerick of Candy Apple Blue
Carly Emerick of Candy Apple Blue Ⓒ2022

Hoyt Emerick of Candy Apple Blue
Hoyt Emerick of Candy Apple Blue Ⓒ2022

Carly Emerick and Hoyt Emerick of Candy Apple Blue 2022
Candy Apple Blue Ⓒ2022 (Hoyt and Carly Emerick) 

Candy Apple Blue 2022 Promotional Picture of the Band
Candy Apple Blue Ⓒ2022 Band Picture

Friday, March 11, 2022

Synthwave Instrumental Essentials (14-Track Album)

Candy Apple Blue Synthwave Instrumental Essentials

Candy Apple Blue - Synthwave Instrumental Essentials

Release date: May 6th, 2022

Over the years, we've gotten many requests to release the instrumental versions of some of our synthwave-laced synth-pop tracks. So we thought that it was only fitting for us to finally open the vaults and put together a proper 14-track album for the instrumental music lovers in the synthwave community. 

The instrumental versions included here are from our most popular pop titles. Most of these instrumentals have never seen the light of day until now. Listed below is the complete track listing of the songs that we choose to include on "Synthwave Instrumental Essentials". 

We want to thank those of you that took the time out to write us. This album is for you. Lastly, we'd like to thank Juno Dreams who had his hand in most of these productions in one way or another. This album would not have been possible without him. 

01. Dancing in the Shadows (Instrumental) 03:38
02. Taking It To Heart (Juno Dreams Instrumental) 04:28
03. No One Else Could Ever Love You (More Than I Do) [Instrumental] 03:27
04. Thank My Lucky Stars (Instrumental)
05. Dance Again (Instrumental) 02:52
06. Tonight (Juno Dreams Instrumental) 03:42
07. Can't Stop Thinking of You (Instrumental) 03:51
08. Mad About You (Juno Dreams Instrumental) 04:04
09. The Bed Is Cold (Instrumental) 04:00
10. Bad News (Instrumental) 04:28
11. It Happens All the Time (Instrumental) 04:20
12. Game Over (Instrumental) 03:44
13. Let's Dance All Night (Instrumental) 04:08
14. Crying My Eyes Out (Matt Pop Instrumental) 03:16

Tracks; 1, 4, 9, and 11 Mastered by Carly Emerick
Tracks; 2, 3, 5, 7, 12, and 13 Mastered by Mike Marsh
Tracks; 6, 8, and 10 Mastered by Juno Dreams
Track 14 Mastered by Matt Pop

Electric guitars on tracks 2 and 5 played by Micah Blakeslee

All songs were composed by Candy Apple Blue.

 ℗ 2022 Mrix Muzik Records

Monday, March 7, 2022

Baby Blue (ft. Nick Bramlett) Official Cover Art

Candy Apple Blue Baby Blue Nick Bramlett Official Cover Art

Candy Apple Blue - Baby Blue (ft. Nick Bramlett)
Official Cover Art

Release date: April 15th, 2022

The song Baby Blue is really very special to us. Anyone who's ever identified as an underdog should be able to relate to it. It's one of the songs that we are most proud of as songwriters. It's an autobiographical work really. We poured our hearts into this composition.

If you like story songs, you are in for a real treat! It has a bit of a 1970s Motown backbeat. It's soulful and has a bit of a melancholy spirit, yet it's iced with hope. It's inspired by the great story songs of the past that we used to always hear on the radio when we were kids. Songs like Cher's Half-Breed, Helen Reddy's Angie Baby, Vicki Lawrence's The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia, and John Conlee's Friday Night Blues. People really don't write story songs anymore so we decided to do just that! 

Nick Bramlett delivers his most heartfelt lead vocal delivery to date and he's never sounded better! We also have on both electric and acoustic guitars the extraordinary Micah Blakeslee. The amazing Christina Sivavo and Carly Emerick are on backing vocals. Baby Blue was mixed and mastered by Math Bishop who always brings his A-game!

Baby Blue was written, arranged, and produced by Candy Apple Blue

Lead vocals performed by Nick Bramlett

Background vocals, synthesizers, and percussion elements performed
by Candy Apple Blue 

Electric and acoustic guitars performed by Micah Blakeslee

Additional background vocals performed by Christina Siravo 
(aka Magenta Soulstar)

Mixed and mastered by Matt Bishop:

Cover Art by Carly Emerick 
Fading Brunette™ Studios