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Thursday, April 11, 2024

Surviving a Flop: The Comeback of Candy Apple Blue 🍬🍎🟦 How the Duo Dodged a Bullet.

Surviving a Flop: The Comeback of Candy Apple Blue 🍬🍎🟦 How the Duo Dodged a Bullet. 

Carly of Candy Apple Blue shares the band's tough journey of overcoming a major setback with a disappointing flop single to collaborating with Espen Kraft on their indie hit song "It Happens All the Time." Influenced by Pet Shop Boys, their new single had revitalized their status in the synth-pop music scene. They were once again everybody's favorite "darlings of synth-pop". Tune in for an inside look at how the duo dodged a bullet. Don't miss this tale of resilience and artistic reinvention!

Catching Up with Candy Apple Blue 
A "Behind the Music" Podcast Video Series 🍬🍎🟦
Episode: 004 - "It Happens All the Time"

Key Points of Interest:

• Collaborating with Espen Kraft from Norway helped Carly and Hoyt from Candy Apple Blue regain their status in the synth-pop scene after hitting a rough patch. 

• They didn't let a flop single dampen their spirits. They quickly got back up, dusted themselves off, and returned to work on their craft.  

• Their new song "It Happens All the Time" was influenced by Pet Shop Boys, showcasing the impact of how artist inspirations put them back on track.

The success of their album "Second Sight" demonstrates the resilience and creativity of artists in navigating challenges in the indie music industry. 

#SynthPopRevival #bouncingback

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Discover How Vocal Struggles Impacted the Duo’s Single Release in 2018 during a Pivotal Time 🍬🍎🟦

A "Behind the Music" Podcast Video Series 
Episode: 003 - "No Good Together"

In 2018, Candy Apple Blue struggled vocally on a song titled "No Good Together" originally slated for their album Second Sight. After their main vocalist Nick Bramlett took a break, the duo faced new challenges. Despite their best efforts, the release failed, leading them to urgently search for a new vocalist. 

In this episode, discover how vocal struggles impacted the duo's single release in 2018. The search for a new vocalist becomes urgent after the disappointing results. Tune in to uncover the challenges and decisions faced by Candy Apple Blue during this pivotal time.

Key Points of Interest:

• A main vocalist taking a break can significantly impact the creative process and sound of a band.

• Struggling vocally on a song can indicate a need for a change in approach or personnel.

• Even established musicians can face failures that prompt the need for urgent changes to their lineup.