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Sunday, February 18, 2024

Admittedly, My Lipstick Application Is More Robert Smith Than Madonna 💄

Janine, Hoyt, and Michael (1993)
Janine, Hoyt, and Michael

Here I am back in 1993 with my friends Janine and Michael. I love Janine's "Raspberry Beret" and overalls! I'm also really digging Mike's alternative rock look here with his hair and goatee. I remember that we were on our way out to go out clubbing.

Music was always a big part of our lives. I remember Janine being a huge Morrissey and Smiths fan. Mike was really into Saint Entiem and Deee-Lite while I was all about Aimee Mann's first solo album. The music artists that we liked back then were a big part of our identities. It's hard to describe but back in those days, the artists that you listened to helped to define you as a person. 

Admittedly, my lipstick application is more Robert Smith than Madonna, but hey that was the look I was going for. I'm pretty sure that Janine might have borrowed my lipstick because the fact that we are both wearing the same shade of Chanel red is just too much of a coincidence. 

~ Love and laughs, Hoyt 🍬🍎🟦

Saturday, February 17, 2024

We Shot Some Really Cool Footage 🎥

Hoyt Emerick: "I Wanna Party" Music Video Shoot

Thank you guys so much for asking about yesterday's video shoot! 🎥 We shot some really cool footage and I think the end result is going to be spectacular. 

We didn't use green screen this time so maybe that's why I was a little bit more nervous than usual. It's a lot harder to control and film in a live environment. Nick, Hoyt, and I gave it our very best. 

Now I've got to get started on the editing. Honestly, it was more fun than it was work. It's so cool to be in my early '50s still chasing the dream. 🙏❤️ 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Big Love, Carly xoxo 🍬🍎🟦