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Friday, June 19, 2015

Mad About You: Album Art / Release Notes

Candy Apple Blue - Mad About You (feat. Nick Bramlett)

Coming next week! A brand new exciting MUSIC VIDEO and REMIX EP for Candy Apple Blue - Mad About You (ft. Nick Bramlett)! With stellar dance floor club anthems / remixes by Matt Pop, Luke LaBarre Musik, Tyler Nelson Remixes, Timeface Project and introducing Juno Dreams! Our close circle of followers are calling this release one of our best to date! #PowersActivate #ComingSoon #AlbumArt — with Timeface Project, Tyler Nelson, Hoyt Emerick, Luke La Barre, Eugene Bramlett, Georgios Garganopoulos, Carly Emerick, Matt Pop, Tyler Nelson Remixes and Luke LaBarre Musik.