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Candy Apple Blue -  Band Biography

Candy Apple Blue is an American two piece synthpop band consisting of the sibling songwriting & music production team Carly & Hoyt Emerick.

The musical duo have made waves in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania music scene with their local hit songs and YouTube music videos "Graveyard", "The Bed Is Cold", "You Turn Me On (feat. Daveo Falaveo)" & "Let's Get Something Started (feat. Alaska Thunderfuck)". Most recently, they have teamed up with vocalist Nick Bramlett and are currently working on an upcoming full-length album with him.

Candy Apple Blue have also found success as songwriters penning the tracks Between Love & Goodbye & I Won’t Say Adieu (from the LogoTV hit film "Between Love And Goodbye") as well as SIRPAUL's Going Down In La-La Land which was used in and written for the feature film of the same title.

Candy Apple Blue continue on their own musical journey as a synthpop band. Being songwriters at heart, they also work with both up-and-coming & established artists. Their mission is to continue to write, record and produce exciting new music.

Genre: Synthpop, New Wave, Electropop, Hi-NRG, Italo-Disco, Pop

The two members bring something essential to the sound and creativity of the band:

Carly Emerick

Carly Emerick utilizes her passion for vintage synthesizers, old drum machines and MIDI programming then merges them together with a more contemporary approach to recording. She uses Avid Pro Tools as her main digital audio workstation (DAW) set-up. She incorporates her strict pop sensibility when composing. Carly also sings lead vocals on the majority of their songs.

Hoyt Emerick

Hoyt Emerick concentrates on crafting the vocal melodies and focuses on writing the majority of the lyrics. His poetic stance on composing adds something magically original and fresh to the bands sound. Hoyt is also the background vocalist for the band. However, just recently he's been fronting on a few songs.

Hoyt Emerick & Carly Emerick

Together, Carly & Hoyt have created an original sound that easily sets them apart from what most other artists are doing today. The duo draw a lot of their inspiration from early 1980's new wave acts to current day electronic flavored pop music.

They have also done official remixes for recording artists Simulover, Peter Wilson and SIRPAUL. This official website will be a testament of what’s come. 

Candy Apple Blue are from and currently reside in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA. ("The City of Bridges" "Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers")

Welcome to the world of... Candy Apple Blue.

“We love to write songs! Carly and I are truly songwriters at heart. 
We have been composing pop music since we were in our early teens.” 
~ Hoyt Emerick

"The birth of Candy Apple Blue was pretty much a happy accident. Priding ourselves as being prolific songwriters, I turned to Hoyt one day and said let's just have fun with it and record these songs ourselves! Who else would sing some of these crazy songs that we write?" ~ Carly Emerick

Candy Apple Blue

Hoyt Emerick
Carly Emerick

Music Genre: 
Electro-pop, Synthpop, 
New Wave, Indie, Pop, 
Electronic, Italo-Disco

Pittsburgh, PA USA

Record Label:
MRIX MUZIK Records, Inc.

Alexander Storm Mgmt.

Prone To Panic!
Existential Crisis (Greatest Hits, Vol. 1)
Night Tracks
The Fall of Frenzy

Musical Influences:
Missing Persons
Stevie Nicks
New Order
Tegan & Sara
Empire Of The Sun
Duran Duran
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Dead Or Alive
Bat For Lashes
Jim Steinman
Black Kids
Holly Knight