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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Candy Apple Blue & TV Movie Collaboration

As soon as I first heard Mansfield Ohio's most promising band, TV Movie, I fell in love! I remember catching them on about a year or so back. Our bands reside in neighboring states so it was really easy for us to connect and support each other's music.

James Amos from TV Movie
TV Movie has a distinct and classic new wave sound. To me, there is a strong hint of Joy Division in their craft and approach to recording. The band is fronted by James Amos, his unique baritone voice will leave you feeling haunted. They describe their own music as "New Order meets Moby" any way you slice it, it's really good original music! CDBaby is now carrying their debut album, Turn Out The Light. If you like the sound of Joy Division, you should definitely check them out!              
So just last week while stumbling through my Facebook account I got a news feed from TV Movie. I listened to a few of their new songs and as soon as I heard "Days Are Gone" started playing I was completely charmed. I immediately thought to myself that we have to remix/remake this track! I quickly got in contact with frontman James Amos and explained to him that Candy Apple Blue wanted a chance to remodel/remix his song. I explained that we wanted to take a whole different approach to his song. He was really very cool about it and was on board with the idea right away. We were thrilled!

(Update: 01/28/2011) Admittedly, we initially we were only planning on doing a remix. However, we just couldn't help ourselves we had to rewrite it. We wanted to give the song a whole new life. We went full throttle diligently composing fresh new lyrics and completely different upbeat vocals melodies. We thought up a whole new arrangement and did a complete 180 with it... even adding a new lead synth line. It is undoubtedly a completely different song than the original "Days Are Gone". So with that James, Hoyt & I together rewrote it completely and made this new song happen!

My favorite line in the song for me was a very personal one that I wrote: "I go back to my childhood in dreams and wonder why wrong choices were made for me as I stood idly by." Anyway...

We thought this song would be best with both of our bands united on the single version.

It's was so much fun and a real pleasure to work with James Amos. Perhaps this song will be the one to break both of our bands? Fingers crossed! It is planned to be TV Movies next single.

So be on the lookout for... TV Movie (Feat. Candy Apple Blue) - Bad Days Are Gone

 - Carly Emerick 

More details to soon follow.
TV Movie on Facebook | TV Movie on ReverbNation

UPDATE: 11/07/2011
The finished song and music video! ❤ We are so proud of the finished result!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Watch Out Here He Comes!
SIRPAUL (feat. Candy Apple Blue) - Mistaken

We are ridiculously excited to announce that SIRPAUL has decided to include us on the release of his upcoming single. It is slated to be the third single off of his sixth studio album "Music & Me". It is a spectacular dance floor flavored anthem sharply titled, "Mistaken".

SIRPAUL - Music & Me
Once again, last month, we found ourselves affectionately combing through another remix for this disco-pop genius. His vocals are a dream to work with and you'll never meet a nicer guy! SIRPAUL is undoubtedly one of the best singer-songwriters we know. He's got the goods to make it on a large scale. How SIRPAUL hasn't been swallowed up by one of the major labels yet is completely beyond my comprehension. If you don't already own "Music & Me" you should log into iTunes right now and buy it! It's a delicious of slice electropop heaven!

Hoyt & I loved working on our remix submission for "Mistaken". SIRPAUL's voice is very strong and powerful in the chorus yet quiet and whispery in the verses. It's the quality and tonality of his voice that really moves the song so well. Of course, knowing us, we wanted to do a retro remix sort of thing. The feedback from our inner circle has been great. We've been told that it's a very Dead Or Alive flavored remix.

I woke up one morning humming along to his voice in my head and quickly laid down some extra vocal melodies. Hoyt came over later that day and we recorded a few more vocal lines in together as well. Within a few days of working on it, we both held our breath and hit the send button. SIRPAUL got the remix and he was very pleased, so much so in fact that he came up with the idea of including us on the single version too. We were positively thrilled! He had requested only a few minor changes on our mix and with that Controversial Records will be including it on his "Mistaken Remix E.P". The official release date has yet to be announced. - Carly Emerick

So be on the lookout for SIRPAUL - Mistaken (Candy Apple Blue's 86 Mix)
You will also be hearing us on the single version too!

Oh yeah, one last thing: I got an "artist exclusive" listen to Mistaken (Mission II Mars Mix) which will be soon available on the Sirpaul Mistaken EP due out in early 2011. Straight up, it completely blew my mind! It is so ridiculously good, it's just positively sick! Just when I thought that I couldn't love the song any more than I already do! It's so well crafted and such a beautiful electronic remix!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Candy Apple Blue - Graveyard

candy apple blue graveyard
Candy Apple Blue - Graveyard
Thank you for your interest in Candy Apple Blue's upcoming debut release titled "Prone To Panic!" I am Hoyt Emerick and half of the electropop rock band known as Candy Apple Blue.

We have been quite busy these days writing and composing original songs for our debut album. Music & poetry is a passion of mine. I write the lyrics and Carly nails out the music, together we come up with vocal melodies and make the magic happen!

"Graveyard" is the first officially released single from the album. It is out now on iTunes and Amazon MP3. It's a song about literally waking up and realizing that your lover has left you in the middle of the night without as much as a simple goodbye or any explanation of their actions. The character in the song is profoundly lost and going through a range of emotions from the obvious surprise to complete bewilderment! She goes from love to hate and concern to disdain. Sonically speaking, it's a throwback to that classic 80's sound! One of my favorite lines from the song is "You could have left me a note or some Morrissey quote like (You Just Haven't Earned It Yet Baby)". This song was inspired by the 1980's new wave artists. Most notably Billy Idol, Romeo Void, and Siouxsie and the Banshees came to mind when we were composing it. The feedback we've been getting so far has been great! Our first single is being compared to Kim Wilde, Blondie, and early Madonna. Now, how about that!

We really had a blast filming our first "no budget" music video for "Graveyard". In fact, I am kind of in disbelief that after all of this time we finally just let our guard down and filmed it! We had no illusions of grandeur and went with the notion that we are just going to have fun! The video was filmed on the last two days of September (on an $80 camera) in three local cemeteries. Carly found her niche doing the video editing on her computer. She said she found it "very much like editing WAV files in our digital audio work station". In less than two weeks after filming, we had our first visual companion piece for a song. That within itself was a really huge milestone for us. Candy Apple Blue has successfully filmed and released our 1st music video! Yay Us! The video is posted below, thanks to YouTube, so if you haven't already seen it or heard the track now's your chance. :)

It's a good time if I do say so myself! - Hoyt Emerick

"Graveyard is most definitely channeling the ghosts of Kim Wilde, Debbie Harry & Siouxsie and the Banshees!"- Chris Rosvall 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Peter Wilson vrs. Matt Pop - Intoxicated
(Candy Apple Blue's After Midnight Mix)

Candy Apple Blue's After Midnight Mix
Recently we got the privilege to work with the outstanding Netherlands remixer Matt Pop and his gifted Australian partner Peter Wilson. We were contacted and asked to submit a remix for "Intoxicated". It was to be the first single from Peter Wilson's upcoming sophomore album titled, "Stereo". The song was just so infectious and fun that we just couldn't resist the offer. Little did we know at the time but some pretty big names were also on board to do remixes as well. Most notably Dave Ford & Ian Curnow of PWL fame.

We approached the remix with great care. We really wanted to give it that old school Megatone Records / Patrick Cowley sound. So we went all the way, even playing the baseline in live just like Mr. Cowley would have done back in the day before MIDI. Also we both wanted to give it an early Duran Duran "Girls On Film" alternative flare. Having said that, we just really wanted our mix to feature Peter's smooth & sulty vocals which he nailed flawlessly.

We put a considerable amount of time, love and energy into the song. We gave it that retroactive "Candy Apple Blue coating". In a perfect world, we would have employed mastering engineer, Bob Ludwig to do the final audio mastering. But at his prices that was a pipe dream! :) At any rate, we were really excited to learn that the remix was approved & was going to be included on the remix E.P. released by Energise Records!

There was however a slight mix up on the title of our remix which wasn't caught in time before it's digital release. For whatever reason, "Candy Apple Blue's After Midnight Mix" was simply shortened to the "After Midnight Remix" leaving our remix completely uncredited. Que Sera, Sera. What could we do? As a side note: We would really like to thank Gary Simmons from Energise Records Ltd for trying to help resolve that matter.

- Carly Emerick

Anyway without further adieu we proudly present to you...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Candy Apple Blue (Feat Josianna) - Give Me Time

Give Me Time - Candy Apple Blue (feat. Josianna)
Today we put out a BRAND NEW ELECTRO-POP single titled, "Give Me Time".

This was one of the last song that we wrote while we were living in NYC. It was also one of the fastest songs that Hoyt & I have ever wrote. In no less than an hour, after I wrote the chord changes, Hoyt composed these really great lyrics. Everything just came together very quickly on this one.

Although we wrote this dance track for an outside artist, we simply grew tired shopping the song. Just this past month 80's girl group Bananarama passed on it. So we just decided that the demo was good enough that we should just release it ourselves. And that was pretty much it! So with that decision our own indie label was born... MRIX MUZIK Records.

Here on lead vocals, we have the impressively gifted vocalist, Josianna. Her vocal delivery feels urgent! She delivers just the perfect intensity! She always sings with her heart! We feel privileged to have worked with her. "Lost in a paradox of what you say and do!"

Thanks for "giving us your time!" We really hope you like the song! Sincerely, Carly Emerick

iTunes Customer Reviews:
Give Me Time by Candy Apple Blue (feat. Josianna)

by Cherya16 (5 Stars)
Candy Apple Blue has their finger on the very pulse of POP music! This sibling duo has superior songwriting skills and a keen talent for recognizing great vocal talent while producing songs that are truly AWESOME. Rock on! I look forward to purchasing everything they produce.
Great Energy

by Danceland (5 Stars)
I just came across this song as a recommendation from a friend. WOW! What great energy. I am totally jamming this in my car and at my next party. Love it! More of these people please!

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Making Of A Band

Hello again! It's Hoyt, this is starting to turn into a real blog! Perhaps now I should give you some background on the making of our band.

Candy Apple Blue was formed by my sister Carly Emerick and myself as a creative musical outlet. We are from and currently reside in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ("The City of Bridges" "Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers") and we are proud of it! We love to write songs and we have been doing just that since we were in our early teens.

Music has always been a real sanity saver for us! It really is true what they say that "a painter must paint" or your soul will starve. We came up with the band name back in 1999 as a side project from our band at the time, The Inertia Case. We just moved back to Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania from New York City and were ready to write and record again. Once we had our feet firmly planted back in familiar ground it was time to compose the first track. It was then after we demoed, the haunting song, "Easy Target" that Candy Apple Blue was born.

We both simply enjoy the process of making music. We always have. It's absolutely amazing when you have this really great end product that you know would never have existed if you hadn't created it. I sometimes wonder where it all comes from. Carly once said that she believes that "all songs are out there in the universe just waiting for their number to be called". I thought that was such a poetic thing to say!

Ok, so back to the band, Once upon a time in the mid 90's we started in a "synth-pop" group called, The Inertia Case. (Think Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Erasure & OMD) The project was fronted by the cool edged lead vocalist Elton Lin. He had the sweetest pipes that we ever heard! His angelic vocal delivery was a perfect fit with the synthesizer produced music we were making. The three of us gave it a good two year run by doing all of the typical New York City gigging out thing. I have a certain fondness for our first band and have great memories of playing/gigging out. One of my favorite shows was at this fantastic "new wave" goth club in Manhattan called "The Bank". Although we had a loyal fan base, we didn't kick up enough dust to actually get signed by a label. If you are interested in hearing what The Inertia Case sounded like, feel free to download our entire 12 track self-released indie album "Running Out Of Forever". The link is provided for you below.

the inertia case synth-pop band nyc my
The Inertia Case (1998) NYC, NY (Synth-pop Band)

Once back in our home town of Pittsburgh, we more or less put our musical dreams on the back burner to pursue other careers. We both completely stopped writing new music. In fact, we took more than a 7-year hiatus! It wasn't too long after we received a phone call from, NYC indie film director, Casper Andreas that we got back on our feet again. Casper called stating that he "wanted to use some of our songs in his new movie". He liked one song so much, in fact, he wanted to name his new movie after it, a little synth-pop song we wrote called "Between Love & Goodbye". So that's how the film officially got its title. It should be noted that the YouTube music video for the song we wrote currently has over 110,000 hits and is still going strong! Our most heard song so far! Okay, so after we got on board with that project our second musical life began. Candy Apple Blue was then resurrected/repurposed. So there you have it, fast forward to the present day, we are strategically planning our attack on the Billboard charts! :) Currently, we are writing new compositions for our debut album "Prone To Panic!".  So stay tuned as more details unfold!

candy apple blue 2010

[© 2010 MRIX MUZIK Publishing All Rights Reserved]

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Artists That Inspire Us Daily

Candy Apple Blue InspirationsThe artists & songwriters who influence us and continue to inspired us daily are: Holly Knight, Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb, Neil Tennant, John Farrar, Stevie Nicks, Tom Kelly and Billy Steinberg, New Order, Vince Clark, Rick Nowels, Chas Sandford, Ric Ocasek, Debbie Harry, Pete Burns, George O'Dowd, Giorgio Moroder, Jim Steinman, Simon Le Bon, Patrick Cowley, Kim Wilde, Thompson Twins, Stock Aiken Waterman, Hall & Oates, Crystal Gayle, Cheap Trick, Romeo Void & The Cure just to name a few.

But make no mistake about it, there are so many other current day acts out there that we just love; LadyHawke, 3OH!3, The Killers, Neon Trees, Robyn, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna & P!nk all rock our world! Yes, music is a beautiful thing! There's nothing like a song to speak to you in a ways that other mediums just can not!

Thanks for sitting in with me here.
Let me quote ABBA here and say to all of the artists above,
"Thank you for the music!" - Hoyt Emerick

Saturday, July 3, 2010


General Manager
Alexander Storm Mgmt.

The Band
Candy Apple Blue

Indie Record Label

Friday, July 2, 2010

Sirpaul - Music & Me
(Candy Apple Blue's Electropop Shop Remix)

SIRPAULA few years back, Controversial Records recording artist & LOGO favorite, SIRPAUL remixed one of the songs that we wrote for the Between Love & Goodbye Movie Soundtrack titled "I Won't Say Adieu". Fast forward to present day, we got our shot at remixing one of his. The song is titled "Music & Me". We personally feel that his track is pure maddening techno pop disco genius!

Approaching the remix was tough because we both loved the original so much. We knew we had to change things up a bit, along with the overall feel of the track. So we put the peddle to the metal and sprayed that Candy Apple Blue coating on it! We are really proud to be remixing for such an outstanding talented artist.


Without further adieu here is MUSIC & ME (Candy Apple Blue's Electropop Shop Remix) Oh and BTW as a side note: The official music video airs December 9th, 2010 at 1am on LOGO's Pop Lab. "Hear the beat turn it up cause I can't get enough!" - Carly Emerick

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Booking Information

Candy Apple Blue - Booking Information

Currently we are not available for live venues. At the moment, we consider ourselves more of a studio recording band. However, touring and performing live gigs will eventually be inevitable if we gain any kind of chart success.

We’ve been asked several times to do local live gigs but feel it would be putting the cart before the horse sort of speak.

For the time being, we are hard at work focusing on our upcoming debut album, “Prone To Panic!”. We don’t see any live shows in the near future. Having said that of course, we’ve learned to “Never Say Never”. It’s just not something that is of any real interest to us at the moment. We would, however, like thank you for your interest.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Candy Apple Blue - Band Biography

Candy Apple Blue -  Band Biography
Candy Apple Blue is the indie synthpop band created by the sibling songwriting & music production team of Carly Emerick & Hoyt Emerick. Going full throttle and peddle to the metal for their love of music!
The two members bring something essential to the sound and creativity of the band:
Carly Emerick

Carly Emerick utilizes her passion for vintage synthesizers, old drum machines and MIDI programming then merges them together with a more contemporary approach to recording. She uses Avid Pro Tools as her main digital audio workstation (DAW) set-up. She incorporates her strict pop sensibility when composing. Carly also sings lead vocals on the majority of their songs.
Hoyt Emerick

Hoyt Emerick concentrates on crafting the vocal melodies and focuses on writing the majority of the lyrics. His poetic stance on composing adds something magically original and fresh to the bands sound. Hoyt is also the background vocalist for the band although just recently he's been fronting on a few songs.
Hoyt Emerick & Carly Emerick

Together Hoyt & Carly have created an original sound that easily sets them apart from what most other artists are doing today.
This duo got their musical start composing songs for the NYC based electronic band, The Inertia Case. They draw inspiration from early 1980's new wave acts to current day electronic flavored pop music.
They are from and currently reside in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA. ("The City of Bridges" "Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers")
“We love to write songs, Hoyt and I are truly songwriters at heart. We have been writing songs since we were in our early teens.” ~ Carly Emerick

Candy Apple Blue
Hoyt Emerick
Carly Emerick
Music Genre: 
Electro-pop, Synthpop, 
New Wave, Indie, Pop, 
Electronic, Dance
Pittsburgh, PA USA
Record Label:
Mrix Muzik LLC (indie)
Alexander Storm Mgmt.
Prone To Panic!
Musical Influences:
Missing Persons
Stevie Nicks
New Order
Tegan & Sara
Empire Of The Sun
Duran Duran
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Dead Or Alive
Bat For Lashes
Jim Steinman
Black Kids
Holly Knight