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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Candy Apple Blue (Feat Josianna) - Give Me Time

Give Me Time - Candy Apple Blue (feat. Josianna)
Today we put out a BRAND NEW ELECTRO-POP single titled, "Give Me Time".

This was one of the last song that we wrote while we were living in NYC. It was also one of the fastest songs that Hoyt & I have ever wrote. In no less than an hour, after I wrote the chord changes, Hoyt composed these really great lyrics. Everything just came together very quickly on this one.

Although we wrote this dance track for an outside artist, we simply grew tired shopping the song. Just this past month 80's girl group Bananarama passed on it. So we just decided that the demo was good enough that we should just release it ourselves. And that was pretty much it! So with that decision our own indie label was born... MRIX MUZIK Records.

Here on lead vocals, we have the impressively gifted vocalist, Josianna. Her vocal delivery feels urgent! She delivers just the perfect intensity! She always sings with her heart! We feel privileged to have worked with her. "Lost in a paradox of what you say and do!"

Thanks for "giving us your time!" We really hope you like the song! Sincerely, Carly Emerick

iTunes Customer Reviews:
Give Me Time by Candy Apple Blue (feat. Josianna)

by Cherya16 (5 Stars)
Candy Apple Blue has their finger on the very pulse of POP music! This sibling duo has superior songwriting skills and a keen talent for recognizing great vocal talent while producing songs that are truly AWESOME. Rock on! I look forward to purchasing everything they produce.
Great Energy

by Danceland (5 Stars)
I just came across this song as a recommendation from a friend. WOW! What great energy. I am totally jamming this in my car and at my next party. Love it! More of these people please!

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