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Monday, November 29, 2010

Candy Apple Blue - Graveyard

candy apple blue graveyard
Candy Apple Blue - Graveyard
Thank you for your interest in Candy Apple Blue's upcoming debut release titled "Prone To Panic!" I am Hoyt Emerick and half of the electropop rock band known as Candy Apple Blue.

We have been quite busy these days writing and composing original songs for our debut album. Music & poetry is a passion of mine. I write the lyrics and Carly nails out the music, together we come up with vocal melodies and make the magic happen!

"Graveyard" is the first officially released single from the album. It is out now on iTunes and Amazon MP3. It's a song about literally waking up and realizing that your lover has left you in the middle of the night without as much as a simple goodbye or any explanation of their actions. The character in the song is profoundly lost and going through a range of emotions from the obvious surprise to complete bewilderment! She goes from love to hate and concern to disdain. Sonically speaking, it's a throwback to that classic 80's sound! One of my favorite lines from the song is "You could have left me a note or some Morrissey quote like (You Just Haven't Earned It Yet Baby)". This song was inspired by the 1980's new wave artists. Most notably Billy Idol, Romeo Void, and Siouxsie and the Banshees came to mind when we were composing it. The feedback we've been getting so far has been great! Our first single is being compared to Kim Wilde, Blondie, and early Madonna. Now, how about that!

We really had a blast filming our first "no budget" music video for "Graveyard". In fact, I am kind of in disbelief that after all of this time we finally just let our guard down and filmed it! We had no illusions of grandeur and went with the notion that we are just going to have fun! The video was filmed on the last two days of September (on an $80 camera) in three local cemeteries. Carly found her niche doing the video editing on her computer. She said she found it "very much like editing WAV files in our digital audio work station". In less than two weeks after filming, we had our first visual companion piece for a song. That within itself was a really huge milestone for us. Candy Apple Blue has successfully filmed and released our 1st music video! Yay Us! The video is posted below, thanks to YouTube, so if you haven't already seen it or heard the track now's your chance. :)

It's a good time if I do say so myself! - Hoyt Emerick

"Graveyard is most definitely channeling the ghosts of Kim Wilde, Debbie Harry & Siouxsie and the Banshees!"- Chris Rosvall 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Peter Wilson vrs. Matt Pop - Intoxicated
(Candy Apple Blue's After Midnight Mix)

Candy Apple Blue's After Midnight Mix
Recently we got the privilege to work with the outstanding Netherlands remixer Matt Pop and his gifted Australian partner Peter Wilson. We were contacted and asked to submit a remix for "Intoxicated". It was to be the first single from Peter Wilson's upcoming sophomore album titled, "Stereo". The song was just so infectious and fun that we just couldn't resist the offer. Little did we know at the time but some pretty big names were also on board to do remixes as well. Most notably Dave Ford & Ian Curnow of PWL fame.

We approached the remix with great care. We really wanted to give it that old school Megatone Records / Patrick Cowley sound. So we went all the way, even playing the baseline in live just like Mr. Cowley would have done back in the day before MIDI. Also we both wanted to give it an early Duran Duran "Girls On Film" alternative flare. Having said that, we just really wanted our mix to feature Peter's smooth & sulty vocals which he nailed flawlessly.

We put a considerable amount of time, love and energy into the song. We gave it that retroactive "Candy Apple Blue coating". In a perfect world, we would have employed mastering engineer, Bob Ludwig to do the final audio mastering. But at his prices that was a pipe dream! :) At any rate, we were really excited to learn that the remix was approved & was going to be included on the remix E.P. released by Energise Records!

There was however a slight mix up on the title of our remix which wasn't caught in time before it's digital release. For whatever reason, "Candy Apple Blue's After Midnight Mix" was simply shortened to the "After Midnight Remix" leaving our remix completely uncredited. Que Sera, Sera. What could we do? As a side note: We would really like to thank Gary Simmons from Energise Records Ltd for trying to help resolve that matter.

- Carly Emerick

Anyway without further adieu we proudly present to you...