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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

SIRPAUL "Mistaken" (feat. Candy Apple Blue)

A year after we finished the remix for SIRPAUL's Mistaken it was finally released. HURRAY! The day it debuted on Soundcloud it was greatly received with so much excitement. 

We are really proud that people embraced the song they way that they did. It made a very notable impression and was featured on Bop2Pop,  Dave Greening's Mid Week Ten and The House Of Sobel to name a few. 

Our supporters really cherished the remix and for a hot minute there it really looked like it was about to take off. It was track three off of the Remix EP. However with little promotion and no music video the Mistaken "White Label EP"  found it hard to lift itself off the ground.  

We are very proud to have united on an official single with SIRPAUL! Now how cool is that! Be sure to check out our very special remix below.

July 21, 2012 Update: Mistaken (Candy Apple Blue 86 Mix) was recently
featured on the popular music blog Soundtrack To My Day!

Now on Spotify:

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