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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Unicorn Friction

Unicorn Friction

We wanted to make a very special announcement. Hoyt & I have officially joined forces with our friend Georgios Garganopoulos (of Timeface Project) to form a new band, Unicorn Friction.

But make no mistake about it Candy Apple Blue is still very much intact. Unicorn Friction is just as important to us however and we are really pouring our musical hearts into it.

Together all three of us bring something very special and unique to the pop sound of Unicorn Friction. The special collection of songs we have composed so far will ultimately be the sum of our upcoming debut album, "Existential Crisis".

Unicorn Friction - A Lonely Love

Unicorn Friction - A Lonely Love by Unicorn Friction

We'd be delighted if you joined us on our pop musical journey! Stop by when you have the time. For now get an exclusive listen to the demo version of  "A Lonely Love".

Official Website:


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