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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Candy Apple Blue & TV Movie Collaboration

As soon as I first heard Mansfield Ohio's most promising band, TV Movie, I fell in love! I remember catching them on about a year or so back. Our bands reside in neighboring states so it was really easy for us to connect and support each other's music.

James Amos from TV Movie
TV Movie has a distinct and classic new wave sound. To me, there is a strong hint of Joy Division in their craft and approach to recording. The band is fronted by James Amos, his unique baritone voice will leave you feeling haunted. They describe their own music as "New Order meets Moby" any way you slice it, it's really good original music! CDBaby is now carrying their debut album, Turn Out The Light. If you like the sound of Joy Division, you should definitely check them out!              
So just last week while stumbling through my Facebook account I got a news feed from TV Movie. I listened to a few of their new songs and as soon as I heard "Days Are Gone" started playing I was completely charmed. I immediately thought to myself that we have to remix/remake this track! I quickly got in contact with frontman James Amos and explained to him that Candy Apple Blue wanted a chance to remodel/remix his song. I explained that we wanted to take a whole different approach to his song. He was really very cool about it and was on board with the idea right away. We were thrilled!

(Update: 01/28/2011) Admittedly, we initially we were only planning on doing a remix. However, we just couldn't help ourselves we had to rewrite it. We wanted to give the song a whole new life. We went full throttle diligently composing fresh new lyrics and completely different upbeat vocals melodies. We thought up a whole new arrangement and did a complete 180 with it... even adding a new lead synth line. It is undoubtedly a completely different song than the original "Days Are Gone". So with that James, Hoyt & I together rewrote it completely and made this new song happen!

My favorite line in the song for me was a very personal one that I wrote: "I go back to my childhood in dreams and wonder why wrong choices were made for me as I stood idly by." Anyway...

We thought this song would be best with both of our bands united on the single version.

It's was so much fun and a real pleasure to work with James Amos. Perhaps this song will be the one to break both of our bands? Fingers crossed! It is planned to be TV Movies next single.

So be on the lookout for... TV Movie (Feat. Candy Apple Blue) - Bad Days Are Gone

 - Carly Emerick 

More details to soon follow.
TV Movie on Facebook | TV Movie on ReverbNation

UPDATE: 11/07/2011
The finished song and music video! ❤ We are so proud of the finished result!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Watch Out Here He Comes!
SIRPAUL (feat. Candy Apple Blue) - Mistaken

We are ridiculously excited to announce that SIRPAUL has decided to include us on the release of his upcoming single. It is slated to be the third single off of his sixth studio album "Music & Me". It is a spectacular dance floor flavored anthem sharply titled, "Mistaken".

SIRPAUL - Music & Me
Once again, last month, we found ourselves affectionately combing through another remix for this disco-pop genius. His vocals are a dream to work with and you'll never meet a nicer guy! SIRPAUL is undoubtedly one of the best singer-songwriters we know. He's got the goods to make it on a large scale. How SIRPAUL hasn't been swallowed up by one of the major labels yet is completely beyond my comprehension. If you don't already own "Music & Me" you should log into iTunes right now and buy it! It's a delicious of slice electropop heaven!

Hoyt & I loved working on our remix submission for "Mistaken". SIRPAUL's voice is very strong and powerful in the chorus yet quiet and whispery in the verses. It's the quality and tonality of his voice that really moves the song so well. Of course, knowing us, we wanted to do a retro remix sort of thing. The feedback from our inner circle has been great. We've been told that it's a very Dead Or Alive flavored remix.

I woke up one morning humming along to his voice in my head and quickly laid down some extra vocal melodies. Hoyt came over later that day and we recorded a few more vocal lines in together as well. Within a few days of working on it, we both held our breath and hit the send button. SIRPAUL got the remix and he was very pleased, so much so in fact that he came up with the idea of including us on the single version too. We were positively thrilled! He had requested only a few minor changes on our mix and with that Controversial Records will be including it on his "Mistaken Remix E.P". The official release date has yet to be announced. - Carly Emerick

So be on the lookout for SIRPAUL - Mistaken (Candy Apple Blue's 86 Mix)
You will also be hearing us on the single version too!

Oh yeah, one last thing: I got an "artist exclusive" listen to Mistaken (Mission II Mars Mix) which will be soon available on the Sirpaul Mistaken EP due out in early 2011. Straight up, it completely blew my mind! It is so ridiculously good, it's just positively sick! Just when I thought that I couldn't love the song any more than I already do! It's so well crafted and such a beautiful electronic remix!