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Monday, May 9, 2011

Electronic Rumors: "Tricks" Review

Candy Apple Blue Tricks

We are so positively thrilled with our first review from Electronic Rumors of our latest offering “Tricks”.

It’s no secret how much admire Electronic Rumors. It’s the music blog that “showcases new or interesting electronic music to people who might not have otherwise been exposed to it.” So we were just tickled pink!

Candy Apple Blue powers activate!

Other recent noteworthy reviews:

“So hooky, it's scary. I love the synths in this. And another fun video. Now officially the hardest working siblings in pop!” - Matt Pop (Netherlands Dance Music Producer)

I've had this on repeat since I've been round my mates house for the last 2 hours! You two look great in this vid! One of my favorite songs of the year! Love you two!”
- Terry Guy from (Terry Guy & The Models)

You just gotta love it when one of your songs is so well received! We are grateful for the kind words.

Sincerely, Carly

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Candy Apple Blue - Tricks

Candy Apple Blue Tricks

Candy Apple Blue - Tricks by Candy Apple Blue

Thank you for stopping by! We just wrapped up production on our latest single "Tricks". We really went for that classic retro 80's good time fun song! This one was clearly influenced by some great bands like "The Cars", "The Cure" and "The Go Go's". It was time for us to throw down something upbeat and happy!

We had a blast recording & writing this song. We really hope you enjoy it! We are in the mix now of throwing around some video ideas! Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

A million smiles, Carly