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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Two Simulover Remixes

©2011 Simulover
Simulover™ is the musical brainchild of superstar DJ/Producer Alex Lauterstein and Indie Electropop Artist/Producer SIRPAUL™.

We feel so proud and privileged that two of the remixes that we submitted for this hot new electropop band Simulover where chosen to be included on their release for the Tourniquet Ep.  First up is a sinister but slick take on their track called Tourniquet. It's a little dirty, raw and yes a bit sexual. We really hope that you will like it as it's something a little different for us.

Tourniquet (Candy Apple Blue Dub) by Simulover

Next in line is the beautiful electropop ballad titled "Unbroken".  We loved the original version so much that we didn't want to stray to far away from it. We just changed things up just a bit and tried to give the track more punch. We couldn't resist singing in some backing vocal tracks too! It turned out to to be a nice alternative synth remix with a nice bright Candy Apple Blue coating!

Unbroken (Candy Apple Blue Midnight Mix) by Simulover

These tracks are both available now for retail purchase on iTunes. Thank you Simulover for including us on your official release!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Candy Apple Blue - David (The Music Video)

Candy Apple Blue - David (The Music Video)

Artist: Candy Apple Blue
Song: David
Album: Prone To Panic!
Alexander Storm Mgmt.
Video Director: Racine Fate
© ℗ 2011 MRIX MUZIK (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved.

Produced, Written, Arranged & Performed By Candy Apple Blue

© 2011 MRIX MUZIK (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved.
Words & Music by Carly Emerick & Hoyt Emerick

Verse 1:
It's easy to see why you're in love with me
Just sit right down and listen carefully

Lead In 1:
I'm just trying to let you down easy
Cuz your important to me

David I really like having you around
But you know I'm a little bit older
My heart is a little bit colder
David when you say you love me you get turned down
I have no faith in the love you found

Verse 2:
Your poetry just sweeps me off my feet
And darling boy you look good enough to eat

Lead In 2:
I'm just trying to let you down easy
Cuz your important to me

(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Lead In)
(Repeat Chorus)

The song presented here is protected by copyright (c) under the law (title 17, US Code) and is exclusively owned by ASCAP & Harry Fox Agency affiliates MRIX MUZIK Publishing.

Filming a “no budget” music video is getting to be real fun! This one was no exception. We pretty much went thrift shopping one day in late August and shoot a music video for “David” at the same time. Being an indie artist gives you this special license to do what you want when you want to. I’m sure if ever we get signed to a major label the first thing that they are doing to do is take down our YouTube account and throw away the key. Anyway we are proud of the song and wanted to give it some wings. We really hope you guys like it!

Buy Candy Apple Blue's 'David' | Candy Apple Blue Official | Join us on YouTube