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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Night Tracks now on iTunes!

Our sophomore album, Night Tracks is now available on iTunes!

Night Tracks
Candy Apple Blue - Night Tracks

1. Night Tracks (Intro)

2. Hot Love

3. Start All Over Again

4. Mistake (Disco Mix)

5. Now That It's Over

6. Baby, It's Not Right

7. Don't Give Up On Me

8. New Romance

9. It's Time We Make Up

10. Heart By Heart (feat. Timeface Project)

11. You Turn Me On (Hi-NRG Extended Dance Mix) [feat. Daveo Falaveo]

12. Let's Get Something Started (Dark Disco Mix) [feat. Alaska Thunderfuck]

13. Night Tracks

Friday, October 25, 2013

Tranimal (feat. TV Movie)

▶ Free Download:

Artist: Candy Apple Blue
Song: Tranimal (feat. TV Movie)
Album: The Fall of Frenzy
Alexander Storm Mgmt.
© & ℗ 2013 MRIX MUZIK Records, Inc. / Sniff 'N' Scratch Records

released 24 October 2013
'Tranimal' was written, arranged, produced, mixed
& mastered by Candy Apple Blue & TV Movie.

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© 2013 MRIX MUZIK (ASCAP) Sniff 'N' Skratch Records (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved. Words & Music by
Carly Emerick, Hoyt Emerick, James Amos & Jacob Nida

Verse 1:
You look great as we dance under the moon
Living in a euphoric state
Your hips shake, a surrealism dream,
An exaggerated girl on the make

Lead In:
You're all torn up on a Saturday night
A genderless lover freaky delight
Whoa o, tranimal tranimal

I'm so in love with a tranimal
I'm so in love with a tranimal
Whoa o, tranimal tranimal (x2)

Post Chorus:
Dysmorphic hearts with an open mind
Beauty only we define

Verse 2:
You look great, yeah you're hooker street smart
A (higher archy) hierarchy of art
Off stage, you're a performance piece
A lieutenant in the dream police

Lead In 2:
You're a modern Warhol living dream
A superhuman ninja queen
Whoa o, tranimal tranimal

(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Post Chorus)

The song presented here is protected by copyright © under the law (title 17, US Code) and is exclusively owned by ASCAP & Harry Fox Agency affiliates MRIX MUZIK Publishing & Sniff 'N' Skratch Records.

Tags: Post-Punk Revival, New Wave, Alternative Rock, Modern Rock, Indie Rock

Sounds like: The Killers, Neon Trees, David Bowie, Billy Idol

Candy Apple Blue - Tranimal (feat. TV Movie)