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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Alice's Last Halloween - Official Cover Art

Candy Apple Blue - Alice's Last Halloween (feat. Nick Bramlett)

The official cover art for our upcoming spooky holiday single, Alice's Last Halloween is ready!

Just wanted to give those of you that follow my band's music a heads up! We are very busy with our latest original song & production of "Alice's Last Halloween" featuring Nick Bramlett on lead vocals.

Alice's Last Halloween is based off of a screenplay that Hoyt and I started writing 10 years back but never finished. So we found it only fitting, being songwriters at heart, that we try to tell you the story in a 4 and a half minute pop song! 

It's a story song about an urban legend that Halloween candy can sometimes be tampered with in order to cause harm to those who eat it. All of this is centered around a character we created named Alice. 

 ~ Carly xoxo

Friday, September 25, 2015

Official Artwork: Let's Dance All Night

Candy Apple Blue - Let's Dance All Night (feat. Nick Bramlett) Official Cover Art
After a few trials and tribulations, we finally got the artwork right! Woot Woot! Word is on the street that DJ Tyler Nelson premiered his remix tonight at Lucky's to an enthusiastic crowd!