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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Prone to Panic! (Photo Outtake)

Carly Emerick of Candy Apple Blue (Prone to Panic! photo session, 2010)

Hoyt and I for years have had an ongoing hair growing contest. The one with the longest hair wins! Although he might be winning right now, I'd like to remind Hoyt that his hair has never been this long! (2010 Prone to Panic! Candy Apple Blue Photo Session) ~ Carly xoxo

Candy Apple Blue shoes!

Candy Apple Blue shoes! (Hoyt Emerick & Carly Emerick)

Look what Santa Claus brought us! Candy Apple Blue shoes! These new sneakers were designed by Sadie Flower and feature a few of our favorite musical influences Debbie Harry & Stevie Nicks! What a fantastic gift! xoxo 

Candy Apple Blue shoes designed by Sadie Flower

What did you guys get?

Happy Holidays from Candy Apple Blue!  xoxo