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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Juno Dreams remix of Tonight is in!

Juno Dreams

We are so thrilled right now! Listening to the Juno Dreams remix of Tonight! It's just beautiful! This remix package is really shaping up to be something special! With Candy Apple BlueNick BramlettMatt Pop and Juno Dreams on board we can't go wrong! Can't wait to share it with you. Now we just have to make a music video and photo session for the cover art happen! Lot's of work ahead of us! Stay tuned! ~ Carly

Friday, March 11, 2016

Candy Apple Blue: Newsletter 002

Candy Apple Blue present to you their latest single!
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Candy Apple Blue: Newsletter 002

Hello friends! Being in an indie synthpop band in 2016 is really exciting! Nick, Hoyt and I have been very busy in the studio recording new tracks that are being considered for our upcoming full-length album, Powers Activate! ~ Carly 
In other news, we have two new songs that will be out soon.

The first inline is a song called, Tonight! The track is produced by Dutch record producer, Matt Pop. His Euro-EDM-House fusion makes this one a real win for us. We are confident that this new song will song be a favorite of yours and on heavy rotation! The song is about learning to "live your life like your on vacation". With any luck, it will be a hit for us!

Second in line, is a song that we composed with Canadian producer Juno Dreams! It's called 'Awakening'. The track is an easy standout for us as well. It has a strong emotional core and is about a spiritual awakening of sorts. It's about learning to love yourself and connecting with other people.

So yeah, on that note, we want to thank you for staying connected with us! We are proud to be making music that you enjoy!

Big love, Candy Apple Blue

More music coming! xoxo
Our latest single When You Decide to Love Someone is out now. This beautiful pop production comes from the wonderful Juno Dreams. We hope you will enjoy it! Here's a simple little in-house music video that we recently shot. Take time out to give it a listen, we'd love to hear what you think of the song!

Be sure to leave your thoughts in comment section on YouTube. We'd love to hear from YOU!
When You Decide to Love Someone (Music Video)

*|Candy Apple Blue]*