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Monday, September 12, 2016

Candy Apple Blue & Juno Dreams - Awakening ft. Nick Bramlett

Candy Apple Blue & Juno Dreams - Awakening (ft. Nick Bramlett)

Release Date: September 28th, 2016

Artist: Candy Apple Blue & Juno Dreams
Song: Awakening (ft. Nick Bramlett)
Album: Powers Activate!
Alexander Storm Mgmt.
© & ℗ 2016 Mrix Muzik Records

Written, arranged, produced, engineered and
mixed by Juno Dreams & Candy Apple Blue

Mastered by, the legend himself, Mr. Mike Marsh

A message from Carly:

"I am in post production now editing film footage for our forthcoming music video, Awakening! There is so much talent on board on this next release! We united with Juno Dreams for what could easily be our best song in years! Not only did Nick Bramlett bring his ultimate A game on vocals, the song that we composed is up there with our best work. I really hope you guys will stand behind this one. It's would be a dream come true to see this one on the Billboard charts. It deserves it!"

A message from Nick:

"That's a wrap! Just finished on set for the 'Awakening' music video!! Pouring sweat but we fought our way through, with lots of powder, lmao. Can't wait for everyone to see and hear the finished product!"

A message from Hoyt:

"Awakening". Tune in to find out what all the buzz is about. Our inner circle of listeners have called this one a "masterpiece". Mastered by the legendary Mike Marsh! (i.e. Erasure's "Wonderland", Pet Shop Boys "So Hard", Capital Cities "Safe and Sound") Only YOU can put us in the charts with your purchase!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Juno Dreams Remix of Can't Stop Thinking of You #ComingSoon

Candy Apple Blue - Can't Stop Thinking of You (feat. Ariella da Vil) [Juno Dreams Remix]

We are very pleased to announce that there will be a Juno Dreams Remix of our summer single 'Can't Stop Thinking of You (feat. Ariella da Vil)'. And this very special remix will be released with an accompanying MUSIC VIDEO! Oh yeah, good things coming!