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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Candy Apple Blue Free Ringtones for Android or iPhone Devices

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Candy Apple Blue FREE Ringtones for Android or iPhone Devices 

Candy Apple Blue FREE ringtones:

Simply select the device of your choosing and follow the link below to download the ringtone.

It Happens All the Time (Android)

It Happens All the Time (iPhone)

After you have downloaded the ringtone follow the instructions below on how to install this ringtone for use on your phone.  Android device  or  iPhone device 

There will be more Candy Apple Blue ringtones coming soon. Be sure to put in your requests in the comment section below.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Limited Signature Edition of Powers Activate by Cassette Comeback

Hoyt of Candy Apple Blue discusses the band's release of the Limited Signature Edition of Powers Activate on cassette tape by Cassette Comeback.

This collectible item will be exclusively available on our Bandcamp merch table starting Friday, July 3rd, 2020:

We worked closely with Tony from Cassette Comeback to bring you a very exclusive and very limited run of Powers Activate on cassette tape.

This special edition 20-Track release includes bonus content that is not available on the Compact Disc version. Including the brand new Juno Dreams 2020 Re-Remix of Let's Dance All Night that is currently only available on this release.

The U-Cards are signed by both of us! We have individually signed each cassette which is also individually numbered. (Numbers: 01/30 all the way through 30/30) So this is a Limited Signature Edition.

Each cassette will include the official "hologram gold foiled" stickers on both the U-Card and the tape itself indicating that this is a genuine SSQ (Single Speed Quality) cassette tape from Cassette Comeback.

These cassettes sound better than any other commercial release. Here's why:

1. They are recorded on brand new, but vintage, cassettes from 1990. We used the Sony UX Type II (CrO2) Position High Bias Extra Uniaxial cassette tape. The tape in these is much better than the Chinese tape that commercial duplicators use.

2. The cassettes are duplicated at Single Speed Quality, not at up to 24x speed like with a duplicator. The high-speed dubbing method done on commercial releases might save time but it does have negative consequences on sound quality. These SSQ tapes, hands down, sound better than commercial releases.

3. The vintage white clamshells are so much cooler than the modern ones and you will have nostalgia for them. They are mini versions of the VHS clamshells that housed your favorite Walt Disney movies growing up. Please note, that these cases are new old stock and can be fragile, so please, handle them with care.

4. The decks they are recorded on are 3-head decks. The Marantz PMD520 3-head decks are some of the finest cassette decks ever made.

5. The decks are calibrated specifically to the tape formulation of the Sony UX Type II cassette.

So in conclusion, classic cassettes, recorded at single speed, on some of the best decks ever made, and that are calibrated to the tape itself are high-quality premium products.

Having our studio album, Powers Activate, take a dive into the analog world is a real treat for us. For the perfect tape saturation sound our music was recorded at the sweet spot of +3db to take the digital "edge" off of the recordings. The songs sound gorgeous transferred over to analog. They say there's nothing like the real thing and they are right. Don't miss out on your chance to own one of these highly collectible cassettes!

There is a purchasing limit of 1 per customer due to their limited availability. This is a true Candy Apple Blue collectible item!

Cassette Comeback (UK & Canada) is the world's No. 1 blank cassette retail website.

Cassette Comeback runs the biggest cassette tape focussed channel on YouTube. To find out more about the SSQ quality watch this video:

Track Listing:

Candy Apple Blue - Powers Activate! (Cassette Comeback Limited Signature Edition)

Side A:

01. Awakening
02. Let's Dance All Night (Matt Pop Radio Edit)
03. Tonight (Juno Dreams Remix)
04. Mad About You (Juno Dreams Remix)
05. When You Decide to Love Someone (Juno Dreams Remix)
06. Can't Stop Thinking of You (Juno Dreams Remix)
07. Detonator (Juno Dreams Remix)
08. No One Else Could Ever Love You (More Than I Do) (Juno Dreams Remix)
09. Bad News (Juno Dreams Remix)
10. Alice's Last Halloween
11. Tonight (Matt Pop Radio Edit)

Side B:

12. Mad About You (Matt Pop Radio Edit)
13. Detonator (Tyler Nelson Club Mix)
14. Let's Dance All Night (Matt Pop Extended Club Mix)
15. Tonight (Matt Pop Club Mix)
16. Mad About You (Matt Pop Club Anthem Remix)
17. Can't Stop Thinking of You (Extended Remix)
18. Let's Dance All Night (Juno Dreams 2020 Re-Remix)
19. I Can't Wait for Christmas
20. Tonight (Original Version)

All orders will ship with a hologram sticker of the album cover!

cassette comeback, candy apple blue, powers activate
Candy Apple Blue's Limited Signature Edition of Powers Activate on Cassette Tape by Cassette Comeback