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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Thank You for Feeding the Algorithm!

Thank you to the 49 people who have hit the "like button" on our new music video for Baby Blue on YouTube! Thank you to those of you who have shared our latest musical offering, purchased it directly from us on Bandcamp, and to those of you who listen to it on Spotify. 

"Feeding" the algorithm with likes, shares, and comments on these social media platforms is so important to our survival. These platforms consider the music that we compose "content" and "products". However, we know that music means so much more to you than that.

As an indie band navigating the changes in the music business in 2022, we want you to know that we also have compact discs, t-shirts, stickers, and buttons that you can buy directly from us. 

Thank you for following us on our musical journey and keeping our music alive! 

Sincerely, Hoyt and Carly (Candy Apple Blue)

Candy Apple Blue - Baby Blue

Friday, April 22, 2022

Candy Apple Blue T-Shirts! (New Merch Store)


Candy Apple Blue T-Shirts Merch

It's GAME ON! For the first time in a decade, we have new T-Shirts available! Stop by our official merch store to pick out your favorite! 


Candy Apple Blue Baseball T-Shirt
Candy Apple Blue Baseball T-Shirt

Order here:


Candy Apple Blue Logo Tank Top
A Candy Apple Blue Tank-Top

There are other options. Like a tank perhaps?

Order here: