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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Graveyard (Matt Pop’s Single Mix)

Matt Pop Candy Apple Blue Graveyard

Graveyard (Matt Pop's Single Mix) by CandyAppleBlue

We welcome you back to the Graveyard!

Make no mistake about it, Matt Pop is the new Dr. Luke! His breathtaking top-notch production skills have gained him the attention of some pretty major players in the music industry. Most notably, Matt has done official remixes for pop sensation Kylie Minogue. He’s also recently worked with Rupaul on his popular RuPaul’s Drag Race Soundtrack. His official YouTube channel, MattPopOfficial, has a huge fan base with some pretty die-hard followers.

When we first heard what Matt Pop did with “Graveyard” we were utterly floored. I turned to Hoyt and was literally picking my jaw up off the floor. I had goose bumps. It felt like someone had just told me I hit the lottery. As the music magically poured out of the speakers, the sound went straight to my heart. I was in love. Matt Pop single handedly made Candy Apple Blue shine brighter than we ever have on our own. This must be the same feeling Gwen Stefani had when she first heard what producer Matthew Wilder did with her song “Don't Speak”. What relief it was for us as singer / songwriters to have someone else come in and breath new life into one of our songs. It is the most profound feeling.

Matt heroically threaded together many different flavors of pop music into this new production. It’s the perfect blend of then and now! It sounds to me like Romeo Void, Strawberry Switchblade, Voice Of The Beehive, La Roux, Goldfrapp, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, and Duran Duran all in a blender. But you be the judge.

We feel Matt Pop did what producer Alan Tarney did for Aha's smash hit single "Take On Me". If you know the songs history, Tony Mansfield (Naked Eyes, The B-52's) actually produced the first release of their song, which failed to chart. It wasn't until Alan Tarney stepped in and breathed new life into the song that it became a major hit record.

After listening to both versions of Graveyard back to back, it became clear to us that ours sounded more like a demo recording. With a renewed passion for the song, Matt encouraged us to re-edit the original music video with this new version. He thought the graveyards filmed in the video had a certain “Burtonesque” flare. With this newfound excitement, Hoyt & I wanted to include some extra scenes and some bonus film footage in its second release. We thought by adding more to it, the music video would be more fun for the people who might have already seen it the first time around.

Graveyard is now available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon MP3, or your other favorite digital download music store.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have supported our music over the past year. We have noticed and we are very appreciative of your time.

Welcome back to the Graveyard! ~ Carly Emerick

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