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Monday, August 4, 2014

Start All Over Again (7" Italo-Disco Mix)

▶ Out now on iTunes 7" Italo-Disco Mix:

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Artist: Candy Apple Blue
Song: Start All Over Again (7" Italo-Disco Mix)
Alexander Storm Mgmt.
© & ℗ 2014 Mrix Muzik Records, Inc.

Written, arranged, produced & mixed by Candy Apple Blue

Mastered by Eric Boulanger at The Mastering Lab.

Official Website:


“Start All Over Again”
All Rights Reserved. Words & Music by
Carly Emerick and Hoyt Emerick

Verse One:
I've been taking it day by day trying to get by
I've been trying to convince myself a lie

Lead In:
The door is right in front of me
But I wouldn't dare to leave!

So many times I said that I'd start all over again
I can't seem to break these chains
Don't know where to even begin!
I hold my head up high, just hopin' I'll get by

Post Chorus:
Start all over, over again  (x3)
Start all over again (x2)

Verse Two:
I've been making a fool of myself not letting you go
There's circumstantial evidence but I pretend that I don't know

Lead In 2:
The door is right in front of me
I've been prisoned by destiny

(Repeat Chorus & Post Chorus)

Lead In 3;
The door is right in front of me
I'm my own worst enemy!

(Repeat Chorus & Post Chorus)

The song presented here is protected by copyright © under the law (title 17, US Code) and is exclusively owned by ASCAP & Harry Fox Agency affiliates MRIX MUZIK Publishing.

released August 1, 2014

Tags:  Candy Apple Blue, Start All Over Again, Italo-Disco, Hi-NRG,
Europop, Synthpop, Electronic, Eurobeat, Disco, Discotheque, Euro Disco,
Pop, Dance, Original, 128 BPM, F Major

Candy Apple Blue - Start All Over Again (7" Italo-Disco Mix)

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