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Monday, March 30, 2020

The Story Behind the Making of the Music Video for Taking It to Heart

The story behind the making of the music video for Taking It to Heart.

The music video was shot and edited during the onset of the Coronavirus outbreak. At first, we were at odds with putting out a new song during this difficult international crisis. We sought out the opinion of the people in our inner circle and they all told us that it was a tasteful decision to release it. Together we ultimately decided to put out our new song because we felt it had a nice calming and relaxing vibe to it.

We knew that the song would fair better with a proper music video. However, social distancing was now being advised by our nation. So that put us in a tough spot. We came up with the idea that Apollo Rogers could film the segments in Canton, Ohio on his end and we could edit them together here on our end here in Pittsburgh, PA. It would keep us all artistically busy if only for a little while.

The end result ( became an abstract sort of statement about emotional healing, alternative medicine, physical fitness, and mental well being. Here are some of the raw video clips that we used to make the magic happen. These clips are set to the beautiful a cappella version of Taking It to Heart sung by Apollo with so much heart.

Stay safe, Candy Apple Blue

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