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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Dismissed (ft. Christina Siravo) [Matt Pop Mix]


Candy Apple Blue Dismissed Matt Pop
Candy Apple Blue - Dismissed (ft. Christina Siravo) [Matt Pop Mix]

We are thrilled to announce the official release date of September 24th for our forthcoming single, Dismissed.

Dismissed features an amazing vocal performance from Christina Siravo, a sizzling 🎸 electric guitar performance from Micah Blakeslee, and a grade A top-notch mix by the sensational Matt Pop!

We all poured our hearts into this female empowerment pop anthem! It's a bit of a 1990s throwback in the same musical genre as TLC, Pink, or maybe even Britney Spears.

Hoyt and I composed this song back in the 1990s while we were living in New York City. It's a very streetwise track. I used the E-Mu Proteus 2000 to compose most of the music on this. Some of those original stems can still be heard here in the new mix. It was great, after all of this time, to finally take the song out of the demo phase and make a proper recording of it.

Admittedly this track has a bit of an urban pop flair which is a bit different for us. We hope you will embrace our new sound with open arms.

Join us on our musical journey as Candy Apple Blue "Breakthrough"!

Sincerely, Carly Emerick

Dismissed (Preview Teaser)

Candy Apple Blue Dismissed Parental Advisory Explicit Content Warning Label
Candy Apple Blue Gets a "Parental Advisory Explicit Content" Warning Label.

Update: "Say it isn't so? It's true. Our forthcoming single Dismissed has received a "Parental Advisory Explicit Content" label due to some of the lyrics rather graphic terms. This is the first Candy Apple Blue track to receive this warning. You'll have to tune in yourself to see if this label was fair." ~ Carly

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