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Thursday, April 27, 2023

Detonator - Sped Up (2 Avant-Garde Single Releases)

Candy Apple Blue Detonator Sped Up The Runaway Wild
Candy Apple Blue - Detonator - Sped Up
Remix by The Runaway Wild

We have released two avant-garde experimental singles today. They could fairly be described as audio art rather than our traditional pop releases. 

The first up is a remix of Detonator done by The Runaway Wild. He produced this "Sped Up" remix of Detonator for us back in 2015. Although the synth work was euphoric and wonderful, at the time we thought that it sounded comical because of the pitched-up vocals so we didn't release it. To us, it sounded like a 45 single that was being played at the wrong speed (say 78 rpm). This release falls into a microgenre of music that's had a following since the mid-1990s called nightcore. As it turns out sped-up versions are really a big deal right now on TikTok. It's said that people with ADHD find these versions brighter, buzzier, and more stimulating. They say that this sound can even help to release endorphins in the brain. So The Runaway Wild was way ahead of his time. We thought that now would be the perfect time to put this remix out into the universe. Maybe you have noticed other artists releasing SPED UP versions of their music as well?

WARNING: The frantic rush of this mix can be truly addicting.

The second single is called When You Decide to Vaporwave 當你決定蒸汽波. Vaporwave is another micro-genre that had a significant impact on music and culture about a decade ago. It is still being enjoyed by some today in the underground dead mall electronic music scene. We had a fun time creating this and until now it was only available on YouTube and Bandcamp. We decided it was time to make it available on all streaming platforms. Back in 2018, we created a music video for the track which can be enjoyed here:

So in conclusion, we have one song that's sped up and another one that's slowed down. To some, this might sound odd. But we love experimenting with art, music, and sound. Ironically both songs time in at 3 minutes and 28 seconds. Oh, the irony of it all. 

 Powers Activate, 🍬🍎🟦

#spedup  #nightcore  #vaporwave  #microgenre  #deadmall

Candy Apple Blue When You Decide to Vaporwave
Candy Apple Blue - When You Decide to Vaporwave

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