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Monday, September 10, 2012

Select Game ft. Dave Greening (Music Video)

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Artist: Candy Apple Blue
Song: Select Game (ft. Dave Greening)
Album: Night Tracks
Alexander Storm Mgmt.
Label: MRIX MUZIK Records

©2012 A Fading Brunette Film
℗2012 MRIX MUZIK Records
Filmed on Super 8

"Select Game"
Words & Music By Carly Emerick, Hoyt Emerick & Dave Greening

Verse 1:
Are you gonna play me for a fool or are you gonna treat me like a queen?
Are you gonna break all the rules or are you gonna keep it all routine?

I've been on the outer skirts of town, baby there is nothing I ain't seen
Do you want to make me you touchdown
Or do you wanna jump right over me?

Select game, now tell me baby what's it gonna be
Select game, tell me baby how you're gonna play me

Verse 2:
Are you gonna use me for a night or is it a lifetime that you seek?
When you kiss and roll the dice are you sure you're on a winning streak?

I could be your trophy on the shelf and not admit to my defeat
Or you could be the one to back down, disengage your soldiers and retreat

(Repeat Chorus)

Ad lib: Select game, Select Game

(Repeat Chorus)

Candy Apple Blue - Select Game (ft. Dave Greening)

Tags: Candy Apple Blue, Dave Greening, Short Art Film, Music Video,
Memories, Synthpop, Electropop, Technopop, Italo-Disco, Disco, Short Film, Piano, Super 8 mm

Monday, June 25, 2012

Can't Sleep From The Pain

Dave Greening w/ Candy Apple Blue - Can't Sleep From The Pain

"Can't Sleep From The Pain" is the result of the collaborated effort between England's own accomplished pianist Dave Greening and Candy Apple Blue. It was with much fondness that we found ourselves collaborating with Dave again. The song has gained us much respect and has received favorable reviews from our musical peers.

This piano/vocal presentation "Can't Sleep From The Rain" blends a unique fusion of styles. Threads of Celtic, New Age and dreamy pop music make this one a work that is "very relaxing and engaging to it's listener".