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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Carly's T-Shirt Mishap?

Carly's got "All The Will In The World"

I got a lot of slack from our in-house management team for showing up wearing this Blondie “Call Me” A-Shirt to our promo photo shoot. Once again we were accused of “promoting” an outside artists brand. Ratts-ola!

Hoyt was getting pretty good too at sporting some pretty awesome vintage tee’s in our promotional videos and photos. He used to wear The Cars, The Cure and Joan Jett. Well now it was my turn to bring shame to the Candy Apple Blue camp. A girl just want’s to have fun? Okay, admitting, I guess I should have known better but when I saw this old Blondie A-shirt hanging in my closet with it’s screaming fuchsia color I just couldn’t resist it!

So am I promoting Candy Apple Blue, Blondie’s Debbie Harry "Call Me" song or pink fuchsia? Who knows and who really cares? I think that it's a pretty good pic if I do say so myself.

But on a serious note, at this early stage of our career, it doesn’t make much sense to wear another bands brand or logo on our bodies. In my minds eye, I thought that if Britney could wear a Madonna tee then I should be able to wear a Blondie one. It's funny how I'm legend in my own mind. Meanwhile in reality, I couldn't even get arrested!

The truth is that our management team is right and I’m very grateful for their input, guidance and feedback. Special “Thank you” to Alexander Storm Management and MK Kim for setting us on the right path!

On a funny note, I decided that I'd show them and I just took my shirt off! Photo below.

Big love, Carly Emerick

My revenge was to take my Blondie T-Shirt off!

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