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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Going Down In La-La Land (Original Theme Song)


In early 2010, Indie NYC film producer Casper Andreas contacted us about the possibility of composing the theme song for his upcoming screen adaptation of "Going Down in La La Land". His latest theatrical movie was going to be based on the novel written by Andy Zeffer.

Because of the success of his film "Between Love & Goodbye" and our involvement with the soundtrack, we couldn't help but to indulge once again. It was a huge compliment for us as songwriters to be approached like this and we were thrilled!

It didn't take long to dig deep with personal reflection and write the very first line... "Driving through my life invisible red lights have always tried to slow me down." It was a little scary for us, sitting down to compose this piece, because it was the first new song we wrote after taking a 7 year hiatus.

We produced about four different versions of this song. All of which were submitted but not approved. Mr. Andreas told us loved the song, however, he wanted something a little more upbeat with a faster tempo to end his movie with.

Running short on time and experiencing ear fatigue, we immediately contacted electropop recording artist, SIRPAUL. We needed a fresh production ear on this song and fast! With only a 24 hour deadline to place the song, SIRPAUL confidently stepped in and rose to the challenge! One day later, his stellar dance remix of "Going Down In La-La Land" was excitedly approved by Mr. Andreas! It was exactly what he was looking for! Hooray!

We wanted to shine a light both versions of the song. We are very proud of both productions and wanted give you the behind the scenes story.
So, without further adieu, here is both our own very special release of "Going Down In La-La Land" along with the stellar dance floor classic SIRPAUL version.

Thanks always for your love & continued support of our little band project Candy Apple Blue. ~ Sincerely, Hoyt & Carly

Buy Our Version | SIRPAUL's Version | Going Down In La La Land Website

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