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Monday, January 16, 2023

Breakthrough! (Album Update)

Many people have asked us when our forthcoming album, Breakthrough, will be ready? 

We wanted to report to you that we are halfway through the recording process. Like our prior albums (e.g. Second Sight, Powers Activate) we will continue the tradition of releasing our songs first as singles until we have enough material to comprise a full album. 

So far, the six songs that will be included on our fifth studio album, Breakthrough, are as follows:

Baby Blue (ft. Nick Bramlett) 
Dismissed (ft. Christina Siravo)
Graphic Equalizer
A Touch Too Much (ft. Nick Bramlett)
All the Will in the World (ft. Christina Siravo)
I Live 4 U (ft. Nick Bramlett)

For Hoyt and I, it's always been about the musical journey that we are on. We expect to hit the finish line by early 2024. For those of you that prefer to own a physical product, we will be pressing the album to the compact disc format. As an indie DIY band, we always go with the natural flow of the musical universe. 

So in conclusion, we are getting closer with every new single release. 

Sincerely, Carly

Carly Emerick and Nick Bramlett
Carly Emerick is pictured here with vocalist Nick Bramlett.

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