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Saturday, March 23, 2024

I Wanna Party (Matt Pop Radio Edit)

I Wanna Party Matt Pop Radio Edit Candy Apple Blue
Candy Apple Blue - I Wanna Party (Matt Pop Radio Edit)

There is a current trend in pop music to keep the duration of a song around the 3-minute mark. Admittedly, we might have been over-ambitious with our 4-minute and 10-second single mix of I Wanna Party. 🥳

After its release, a few people mentioned that while they loved our new song, they felt the track was too long.

Matt Pop initially tried to get the edit down to 3 minutes, even declaring that "cuts had to be made". However, we championed for a longer single version. Our song had so many important elements that we didn't want to see get axed. 🪓 (For instance; we have a dance beat intro, a rap, a guitar solo, a vocal breakdown, and additional ad-libs in the last chorus.)

Ultimately, it's always our end goal to make our listeners happy. At heart, we are people pleasers. So, we have decided to officially release the Matt Pop Radio Edit of I Wanna Party! 🎉

This new radio-ready mix feels more energetic and times in at only 3:22. It moves along quickly while keeping the necessary elements intact. 

I Wanna Party (Matt Pop Radio Edit) will be released simultaneously with an official lyric video on April 5th, 2024.

Hype Sticker I Wanna Party Matt Pop Candy Apple Blue
I Wanna Party (Hype Sticker)

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