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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Behind the Music: "Moving Out of Town"

Candy Apple Blue Unreleased Demo Version

Behind the Music: "Moving Out of Town"

A few of our listeners have asked us what sound they can expect from our forthcoming summer pride anthem Moving Out of Town. 

If I had to best describe it, I'd say it has a classic disco-rock sound. The kind that was big in the late 70s and early 80s. It was influenced by songs like Hot Stuff by Donner Summer, I Was Made for Loving You by Kiss, and Call Me by Blondie. We also threw a pinch of 90s Europop in there for good measure. (Think "Be My Lover" by La Bouche.)

The song is about what a lot of us LGBTQ+ Gen Ex'ers did. We moved to big cities to find acceptance and get the chance to live our lives authentically. That's what Hoyt and I did. We packed our bags and moved to New York City! (The Big Apple!) We wanted to write about that experience in a universal way.

Moving Out of Town is a song that I started composing back in 1997. Hoyt and I picked it back up again in 2014 and officially demoed it. However, thank god we had the good sense to not release it. Admittedly, we couldn't quite deliver what the song called for vocally speaking. 

This time around we have Nick Bramlett on board to deliver the goods! Not to mention our trusted go-to guitarist, Micah Blakeslee, who gave our dance song some much-needed rock edge. 

After 27 years and a few re-writes later; this song will finally see the light of day. The timing feels right!

Big love, Carly 🍬🍎🟦

1 comment:

  1. Super excited and shiver with anticipation wow, this fits right into my life: moving out of town for a fact and coming out as myself .I am so happy for you and way over the rainbow .Lots of love ur Norwegian friend