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Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Discover How Vocal Struggles Impacted the Duo’s Single Release in 2018 during a Pivotal Time 🍬🍎🟦

A "Behind the Music" Podcast Video Series 
Episode: 003 - "No Good Together"

In 2018, Candy Apple Blue struggled vocally on a song titled "No Good Together" originally slated for their album Second Sight. After their main vocalist Nick Bramlett took a break, the duo faced new challenges. Despite their best efforts, the release failed, leading them to urgently search for a new vocalist. 

In this episode, discover how vocal struggles impacted the duo's single release in 2018. The search for a new vocalist becomes urgent after the disappointing results. Tune in to uncover the challenges and decisions faced by Candy Apple Blue during this pivotal time.

Key Points of Interest:
• A main vocalist taking a break can significantly impact the creative process and sound of a band.
• Struggling vocally on a song can indicate a need for a change in approach or personnel.
• Even established musicians can face failures that prompt the need for urgent changes to their lineup.

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