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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Baby, It's Not Right

Candy Apple Blue - Baby, It's Not Right

Artist: Candy Apple Blue 
Song: Baby, It's Not Right 
Album: Night Tracks 
Alexander Storm Mgmt. 
℗2012 MRIX MUZIK Records

“Baby, It's Not Right” 
Words & Music By Carly Emerick & Hoyt Emerick 

Verse 1: 
I'm lost, I'm lonely, have nowhere to go 
Oh since you left me I've been dying real slow 

Lead In: 
I'm counting my tomorrows 
I'm drowning in so much sorrow 

No baby it's not right 
No baby it's not right 
No baby it's not right 
No baby it's not right 

Verse 2: 
I'm wild, I'm restless living on shaky ground 
Well since you left me, I've been hard to be around 

Lead In: 
I'm frozen in isolation 
Complete devastation 

(Repeat Chorus) 

I can't take no more 
How many empty night will I spend in misery 
You made threats before 
But I never thought that you'd really leave me 

Lead In: 
I'm losing my concentration 
Frozen in isolation 

(Repeat Chorus) 

Baby you can't hold me like a prisoner tonight 
I watched you walk away from me and fade out of sight 
It's not right, no it's not right
released 22 September 2012 
Written, Arranged, Produced & Performed by Candy Apple Blue

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