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Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'll See You Around

Candy Apple Blue - I'll See You Around

What do you get when you mix early Depeche Mode, B52s, Go Go's & Men Without Hats in 2012 blender? Why you get Candy Apple Blue's latest 1980s fun packed single of course! Which just so happens to be available as a FREE download! Get it here:

Artist: Candy Apple Blue
Song: I'll See You Around
Album: Night Tracks
Alexander Storm Mgmt.
℗2012 MRIX MUZIK Records

"I'll See You Around"
Words & Music by Carly Emerick & Hoyt Emerick

Verse One:
I'll see you around my town, my house, my car
I'll see you around in my head, my heart, my bed

I don't have to ask you, "Hey, what's new?"
I always know what you're up to
You're like a monkey always on my back
So kiss me kiss me kiss me!

It's a great big world no matter where you go
It could be destiny before you leave I know
I'll see you around, I'll see you around

Verse Two:
I'll see you around while I'm out shopping, at work, at school
I'll see you around we'll get the party hoppin', party hoppin', party hoppin'

I see you almost everyday but how we met I couldn't say
I see you on my telephone, I'll see you around leave me alone!

(Repeat Chorus)

I'll see you around, I'll see you around
I'll see you around, I'll see you around

(Repeat Chorus)

from Night Tracks, track released 27 September 2012
Written, Arranged, Produced & Performed by Candy Apple Blue

TAGS: New Wave, Synthpop, Techopop, Electropop, Italo-Disco, Hi-NRG,
Disco, 2012, Pop, pop song, europop, discothèque, dance, hi-energy,
Depeche Mode, Men Without Hats, 1980's, 1980s, Retro, The Go Go's,
Vince Clark, Square Saw Synthesizer 

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