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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Touch My Heart [2-Track Single]

Candy Apple Blue - Touch My Heart

Free Download:

Artist: Candy Apple Blue
Song: Touch My Heart
Album: Night Tracks
Alexander Storm Mgmt.
Label: MRIX MUZIK Records

'Touch My Heart' is now available as a 2-track single!
Features the new single mix and the original demo!

"Touch My Heart"
Words & Music By Carly Emerick & Hoyt Emerick

Verse One:
Oh every time I think of you and I
I sparkle like a diamond that shimmers in the light
You're so good to me how can this be real?
No I don't need to over think the feelings that I feel

Lead In:
(Feel) all the time when the thought of you's inhabiting my mind
(Fall) against my skin and when you're finished I want it again

You touch my heart (Oh how you touch it baby)
You touch my heart (Touch my heart)
You touch my heart (I wanna be you're only lady)
My heart, my heart (Ooo-ooo)
t-t-touch me touch my heart
t-t-touch me touch my heart

Verse Two:
The body is the garden of the soul
I'm pulled into a passion I'm under your control
A circumstance that no one can deny
We're written in the book of love, no we don't have to try

Lead In:
(Try) all the time, it seems like you can almost read my mind
(Kiss) me again, cause your love is a race I have to win

(Repeat Chorus)

I'm hot, touch it, touch my heart (x4)
Touch my heart like a fire starts you burn inside of me
The flames of love are burning for us eternally
Touch my heart ignite the sparks come on turn me on
It's the rhythm of pure passion that we feast upon

(Repeat Chorus)

from 'Night Tracks', released 29 September 2012

TAGS: Electro, Synthpop, 80s, Technopop, Italo-Disco, Electronic, Electropop, Disco,Electro, 2012, 120 BPM
Produced, Written, Arranged & Performed by Candy Apple Blue

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